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March 4, 2012

Marfa, Prisidio County, TexasThere comes a time when there’s absolutely noting to post. Weather? Great. City politics? A total mess.  That’s about all that’s going on right now.  So, when boredom sits in, I post about me. Things you really don’t care about.

Today’s photo was taken January, 2006. I think. We’ve visited numerous times to this building and I honestly don’t remember which trip this was taken. It’s the dome of the Pricidio County courthouse in Marfa, Texas. Looking straight up while standing in the rotunda.

So, here goes. Everything you really don’t care about concerning me.

1. I’ve had a valid drivers license since age 16 but I’ve never taken a drivers test.
2. I have license to drive a motorcycle. Yeah, I took written and driving test for that.
3. I own a CCW license. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a license permitting me to carry a concealed handgun.
4. I have 2 tattoos. Both obtained since the age of 50.
5. I have witnessed exactly 2 fights in my long life. I was in one of them. (hey, I was 9 years old)
6. After much work, I finished school in 11 years instead of the usual 12 years. In the top 5% of  my class.
7. I love driving even though I’m terrified of cars.
8. My favorite color is red.
9. I’m short.
10. I was on city council 3 years and mayor of the city for 2 years.
11. I love knitting and crocheting. I’m at the ‘expert’ level. Have a couple of original patterns that were published in pattern books.
12. I’m ambidextrous.
13. Blind in my left eye.
14. Love my husband beyond belief even though he drives me crazy sometimes.
15. From time to time, I have panic attacks.
16. I never ever under any circumstances make or receive cell phone calls while I’m driving.
17. Hate shopping.
18. Love computers.
19. I don’t mind helping someone but do not ask me to do your work for you.
20. Favorite TV shows: “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” (don’t blast me for that)


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